Friday, December 30, 2016

Recent/Various Fire Stations Maps

Here are some maps of various fire stations in different areas. All of these are pretty much WIP.

Lower Hudson Region, NY Fire and EMS Stations - A map of fire and EMS stations in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland and Orange Counties, NY.

Long Island and NYC Fire and EMS Stations - A map of fire and EMS stations on Long Island, NY as well as FDNY and NYC EMS stations.

Indiana Fire and EMS Stations - A map of Fire and EMS stations in the state of Indiana.

Also, here's a map of all the major league sports stadiums in the US that I've been working on recently.

And here's my map of CT, MA, and RI Fire and EMS Stations that I've added loads and tons to since the last time I posted it here.

UPDATE 5-16-18 - Here's a map of New Jersey Fire/EMS Stations that I've been working on recently.

Fall/Winter 2016 CT Fire Truck News


Milford has a new Ferrara rescue engine in production. Also, they're purchasing a Ford F-550 Demo Ambulance.

Westfield has formed a truck committee for the replacement of Engine 5.

East Litchfield is looking to replace their current Engine 25 with a Mini Pumper.

Bristol has ordered a new Pierce Engine. If all goes well, it will be assigned to Engine 2.

Killingworth is in the review stage of bid for a new attack engine. Gowans Knight was the sole bidder. They plan on ordering mid February.

Sharon has an E-One Pumper in production.

Lisbon has purchased Pomfret's Tower 170, a 1999 Sutphen 75' Tower. Once in service, it will be designated as Tower 154. Should be in service in 4-5 Months.

Colebrook Center's new Engine 1 should be delivered in March 2017.

Oxford has put together a Truck Committee to replace Tanker 33 assigned to the Quaker Farms Fire Company.

Brooklyn's Board of Fire Commissioners have supported the following Apparatus Replacement Plan:

- Replacement of East Brooklyn's ET-192 with a Ford F-550 4 Door, 4 Wheel Drive 1500 GPM Pump/300 Gallon Poly Tank during the 2018/2019 Fiscal Year.

-Replacement of Mortlake's ET-190 with new apparatus at no less than 25 years from original purchase.

Bantam (Litchfield) has a new Freightliner tanker done at US Tanker.

Kensington (Berlin) has a new Velocity engine done at Pierce. And Berlin's new ladder truck should be done by April/May.

Farmington has 2 Pierce Enforcer engines in production.

Norfolk has a Pumper bid opening on December 20th at 12 pm. This will replace Engine 90. 

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

December 2015 CT Fire Truck News

Ashford: A Spartan/ERV 1500/1000 pumper tanker (delivered & in service)

Avon: Two Spartan/Gowans Knight pumpers being built with an early 2016 delivery expected.

Bethany: Funds have been approved for a new engine.

Bolton: Voters approved a bond that will include the purchase of a new pumper tanker which should be ordered in early 2016.

Litchfield: The Bantam Fire Company has placed an order with US Tanker on a Freightliner 114 SD chassis for a new pumper tanker 1500/2500.

New Haven: One of the former Emergency Units in the city has been converted to a rehab truck which responds on multiple alarms or major/long time incidents. Always amazed at the various rigs the NHFD shops produce.

New Haven: The Maintenance Department took delivery of two Chevy Silverado utility work trucks.

New Haven: Pierce was awarded the bid for two pumpers which will be assigned to Engine Co. 6 and Engine Co. 10.

North Branford: Rescue 1 was awarded the bid to replace Rescue 22 in Northford. It will be a walk-around heavy rescue on a Spartan Chassis and delivery should be Summer 2016.

North Branford: Construction has begun on the fire training center which is slated to open in 2016.

North Branford: The new tanker #3 will arrive just after the first of the year. It is a Kenworth/US Tanker 1500/3000 and will be assigned to station #3.

Trumbull: The Nichols Fire Department will be taking delivery of a Spartan/Gowans Knight 1500/750/100F rescue pumper in early 2016.

UCONN Storrs: A Rosenbauer Tower Ladder and engine have been ordered with a mid-2016 delivery expected. They also just got a Dodge/Lifeline ambulance.

Washington: Gowans Knight was awarded the bid to build an engine to replace Engine 5. It will be on a Spartan Metro Star chassis and be 1500/750. They also refurbished the light duty rescue and put the body on a new cab and chassis.

West Hartford: West Hartford ordered a new KME pumper. This will be the third KME pumper in the department in recent years. 

Dayville and East Hampton are going to be getting new Pierce Ascendant ladder trucks sometime next year.

Bantam has just signed a contract for a new Tanker. The truck will be replacing a 1986 GMC/4 Guys-1000 GPM/1800 Gal. Elliptical Tanker. The new truck will be a Freightliner 114SD/US Tanker 1500 GPM/2500 Gal. Square side tanker.

Allingtown's new ladder should be ready early to mid February.

North Branford has purchased a Spartan/Rescue 1 Walk Around Heavy Rescue. Twin to the current Rescue 1. Delivery is in Summer 2016.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

2015 CT Fire Truck News


2015 News and Information

Ashford: Ashford has a Spartan/ERV 1500/1000 engine tanker on order with an early summer expected delivery. 
Atwood Hose (Plainfield): Spec's for a new hose wagon to replace the Mack "R" / Farrar
Avon: Avon Fire has placed an order with GK for two pumpers. A late summer delivery is expected.
Ansonia: Ansonia Rescue Medical Services is currently spec'ing a new ambulance
Bantam (Litchfield): Engine 35, 2001 Spartan Gladiator / Gowans Knight 1500/1000 underwent a major refurbishment by GK after an accident.  The truck is now back in service.
Bantam (Litchfield): A new tanker 33 is being spec'd out and will likely be ordered in the next budget year.  It will likely be a 1500/2500 tanker on a Peterbuilt or Kenworth chassis.
Beacon Falls: Funds have been approved for a new Engine 1, which will be a Quint.  To date, I do not think a contract has been signed with any manufacturer.
Bethel: Funds are approved and Sutphen was awarded the bid for a new engine 2000/100040/F.  It will replace Engine 5, a 1994 Spartan / Smeal.
Bethlehem: Bethlehem Ambulance is now operating out of a new station across from Bethlehem Fire next to the bank.  They were housed inside the firehouse prior to this new facility.   
Bethlehem: Bethlehem Fire is in the early stages of spec'g a pumper tanker.
Burlington: Construction on the new Lake Garda Fire Station should begin this Spring.  
Bradley International Airport: 1995 KME 1500/1000 (?) being prepared for service. 
Bradley International Airport: A 2015 Sutphen 75' Quint will be delivered later this year. 
Branford: Engine 4 is back in service after being sent to Twin Lights for a refurb.  Currently Engine 2 is being refurbished.  Both engines are 1997 Pierce Saber 1500/500 and are now painted white over red.
Branford: Funds are being requested to knock down and build a new Indian Neck / Pine Orchard fire station.  
Bridgeport: Battalion #1 and Battalion #2 have been asigned 2015 Chevy Suburbans
Bristol: Bristol will be taken delivery of a Pierce engine in the next few weeks.
Brookfield: Brookfield Fire should have funds approved for a new pumper in the near future if not already.
Brooklyn: The Mortlake Fire Company placed a 2014 Spartan Metro Star / Rescue 1 250/250 Walk Around Heavy Rescue demo truck into service.
Canton: The town approved spending money to replace the current ladder truck which needs about 100K in work to be placed back in service.
Canton Update 3/4: A 100' Pierce Demo Quint has been purchased and will be delivered in the next several weeks. 
Central Village (Plainfield): A Seagrave Rescue Pumper 1500/750 black over red is currently being built which wil replace the Freighliner / Central States.
Colchester: 2014 Spartan/Marion Heavy Rescue now in service
Connecticut Fire Academy: Funds are approved for a new pumper, but I do not think a contract has been signed. 
Coventry: The Coventry & North Coventry Fire Departments are looking to merge and become a single department in town. 
Cromwell: 2015 Ford / Lifeline Ambulance 
Danbury: 2015 Pierce Arrow XT 95' Mid Mount Aerial is now assigned to Truck 1.   
Danielson (Killingly):   A GMC Sierra / Utility vehicle is now in service as an EMS vehicle.  Danielson Fire and South Killingly did a joint purchase.
Dayville (Killingly): Dayville Fire took delivery of a 2014 Pierce Velocity 2000/1000/30F
Deep River: 5-7-1 is a 2007 American LaFrance / LTI 100' Mid Mount 2000/300. 2012 Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus in Alabama refurbishment.  The truck previously served Schenectady, New York.  
Derby: 2015 Pierce Arrow will be assigned to Storms Engine 12.
Derby: FD-10, the 2nd ambulance in town has retuned from Twin Lights after being refurbished.  The body was mounted on a new cab and chassis.
Derby: Storms ambulance purchased the bus Trumbull Center Fire once ran as a dive truck.
Derby: Storms Ambulance purchased and rennovated a new facility which will house some of their equipment. 
Durham: A new ambulance is in the works with a 2015 delivery expected. 
Durham: Durham is in an early phase to possibly combine the fire station, ambuance and resident trooper into a single facility. 
Eastford: A Spartan/ERV 1500/1000 pumper tanker should be delivered later this year.
East Putnam: East Putnam Fire is now operating from their new fire station.  I was fortunate enough to get a tour of it.  Nice job.   
Ellington: Ellington Fire is in the early stages of spec'g a new pumper.
Enfield: Enfield Fire is spec'ing a new pumper and new aerial truck but nothing has been ordered yet. 
Essex: A new attack pumper is in the early planning / spec'ing stages.  It will be housed at the Ivoryton Fire Station. 
Greenwich: Engine 4 and Engine 8 have been assigned 2014 Seagrave Marauder II 1500/750 Rescue Engines which are now in service. 
Greenwich: Greenwich Fire Headquarters is making progress and should be completed in mid 2016.  Approval for a new sub station should begin when headquarters draws nearer in completion. 
Griswold: Griswold Ambulance has been sold to a commercial company who will take over the towns EMS services. 
Groton Sub Base: Squad-67 is a 2014 KME Preator Walk Around 
Guilford: (2) Spartan / 4-Guys 1500/3500 pumper tankers were delivered with one being assigned to fire headquarters and the other going to North Guilford.
Hamden: Hamden is spec'ing an engine which will likely go to Engine 3 and give the department two spare pumpers.
Hamden: 2014 F-350 Pick-Up trucks with cabs to replace the rescue trucks in service.
Hartford: Frog Hollow Engine 8 will be assigned a Sutphen Shield 1500/500.
Hartford: A new Sutphen Tower Ladder should be delivered later this year.
Harwinton: Harwinton EMS has a new facility.  I don't know if they moved in yet, but the new station is next to the Harwinton Fire Station where the old gas station once sat. 
Hebron: 2014 Spartan / 4-Guys 1500/1000 pumper delivered
Jordan Fire (Waterford): A 2014 E-One Typhoon 1500/500/30B engine was placed into service as Engine 11.
Lisbon: Lisbon Fire is in the planning / spec'ing stages of a new pumper tanker. 
Lisbon: Lisbon is looking at options for the existing fire station which include remodeling and adding space to the existing firehouse or building a completely new fire station. 
Long Hill Fire (Trumbull): Construction to remodel one or two of the fire stations should begin at some point in the near future.  I believe station 2 and station 3 will be getting a full remodel. 
Lyme: 2014 Ford F-550 / General Brush Truck  
Madison: Madison Hose Company is in the planning / spec'ing stages on a new heavy rescue.
Mansfield: A tanker is currently in the early planning / spec'ing stages. 
Mansfield: 2015 Spartan Gladitor / ERV Engine Tanker. Expected delivery is early Spring.  
Meriden: Meriden took delivery of a 2008 Spartan/Crimson pumper 1250/750.  It was purchased from the Union Fire District in South KIngstown, Rhode Island where it served as Engine 18, housed at Matunuck Fire Station #7.  The newly aquired engine was painted silver over red to match E3 & T1.  Once ready, it will be assigned to Engine 5 and the current Engine 5 will likely become a reserve.  The yellow engine aquired from CVH will become a training engine.  
Middlefield: 2014 HME/Gowans Knight 1750/500 
Middletown: Funds were approved for the purchase of a new pumper.  I believe if any money is left over, they will be able to refurbish an engine as well. 
Milford: Milford should be taking delivery of a new Smeal 75' Quint which will be assigned to Quint-5, a new unit designation to replace engine. 
Monroe: Monroe EMS took delivery of a custom Ford/PL Custom ambulance. A 2nd demo ambulance was also purchased.  Both are in service. 
Montville: Montville Fire placed an order with Ferrara for a heavy rescue which is slated for delivery later this year.
Morris: Morris Fire is in the very early stages of spec'g a new pumper tanker. 
Mystic: 2014 Spartan / Marion Walk Around Rescue 
Naugatuck: The 2nd Pierce engine was returned from Bulldog Fire Apparatus after going through an extensive refurbishment. 
Nepaug Fire (New Hartford): Nepaug has sent their 1995 International / US Tanker 1250/3000 tanker to be refurbished.  The body will be remounted on a 2015 Kenworth chassis.  It should be returned and in service this spring.
New Britain: A new Smeal ladder truck is expected to be delivered this summer and it will be assigned to Ladder 1.  
New Canaan: 2014 Spartan/Marion 1500/750 (?) engine assigned to Engine 1 in service.
New Fairfield: 2014 Chevy / PL Custom Ambulance 
New Hartford: Although I do not have specifics, New Hartford Fire has placed an order for a new rescue truck.
New Haven: New Haven will be taking delivery of a new engine later this year.
Newtown: I believe either a couple of tankers or pumper tankers are on the drawing board but to my knowledge nothing has been ordered.
Norfolk: Norfolk Fire refurbished their Engine and Tanker at Gowans Knight.  They're looking to purchase a utility vehicle.
Nichols Fire (Trumbull): 2015 Spartan / Gowans Knight 1500/700 Rescue Pumper with a summertime delivery expected.
North Branford: 2015 Kenworth / US Tanker 1000GPM/3000 tanker which will be housed at fire station #3.  Expected delivery is late summer to early Fall.
North Branford: The 2nd ambulance should be coming back from AEV after being refurbished.  The body will be on a new cab and chassis.
North Canaan: North Canaan EMS recently placed in service a 2014 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor as an EMS Fly Car.
Northfield Fire (Litchfield): A new Smeal pumper tanker is on order with a late summer delivery expected.
North Haven: A white over red Smeal Sirius 2000/1000 is now running as Engine 1.  The old Engine 1 became Engine 2.
North Haven: Emergency 1 is now a 2014 Ford F-450 / PL Custom 
North Haven: The remodeling project at both fire stations 3 and 4 should be completed later this year.  The entire project consisted of remodeling fire headquarters, station 3 and station 4 while station 2 was torn down and a new station was built.  Fire Headquarters & Montowese were completed last summer. 
North Stonington: A new combination fire and ambulance station was approved but am unsure of the status as to a completion date. 
Norwich: Engine 3 is a 2014 Ferrara Inferno 1500/500
Old Mystic: OMFD purchased Goshen (Waterford) old engine for a spare.  A new engine should be ordered later this year to replace the Quantum. 
Old Saybrook: The Old Saybrook Fire Department will be getting a new Pierce Velocity 1500/1000 (Specs ?) to be assigned Engine-352. 
Orange: Orange Fire purchased a Smeal Demo pumper which will be assigned to Engine 34 and run from the Boston Post Road fire station.
Orange: Spec's are currently being drawn up to replace the Mack CF with a Quint.  An order should be placed in the Fall of 2015.
Oxford: Planning and spec'ing for a new pumper are underway.  I do not know if a contract has been signed.
Pawcatuck (Stonington): 2014 E-One Typhoon 1500/500 
Plainfield: The Plainfield American Legion, which operates the town ambulances, placed into service a 2014 GMC / PL Custom ambulance. 
Plymouth: The Terryville Fire Department will be taking delivery of a Spartan Metro Star / Gowans Knight 1500/1000 for Engine 2.
Poquonnock Bridge (Groton): Engine-33 Spartan/???? (Marion or Smeal, can't remember) will be getting refurbished this year. 
Poquonnock Bridge (Groton): 2012 Smeal Sirius 100' RMA Demo.
Poquonnock Bridge (Groton): Fort Hill Fire Station is no longer staffed nor is it housing any apparatus. 
Portland: A new Spartan Gladiator / 4-Guys 1500/750/20F is ordered with an early summer delivery expected.
Pratt & Whitney: The East Hartford plant will be taking delivery of a Freightliner/Pierce pumper this Spring.  
Preston: Preston Fire will be taking delivery of a 2014 Smeal Sirius 1500/1000/25F 
Prospect: Prospect Fire has a Kenworth/Pierce ????/3000 tanker on order. Expected delivery is late Spring.
Putnam: Voters approved funding for Putnam Fire to replace a 1985 GMC / Ranger Walk-In with a 2001 Freightliner / Ferrara Rescue Pumper. 
Quiambaug:  Early stages of planning for a new apparatus. 
Ridgefield: Another E-One pumper is in the works for a near future order.  The new engine will be identical as Engine 1 and an order should be placed in the next several months. 
Salisbury: 2014 Ford / EJ Metals mini pumper / brush truck 
Sherman: A new ambulance and a new pumper are in the spec'ing stage 
Simsbury: (2) Spartan Metro Star / 4-Guys 1500/1000/20F are now in service. 
Somers: Somers Fire took delivery of a 2014 kenworth T-800 / 4-Guys 1250/3000 tanker as Tanker 146.
Somers: Somers placed an order with Lifeline for a new ambulance on a Dodge 4x4 chassis.  Ambulance 646 will be assigned the new piece, slated to be delivered later this year.  
South Fire District (Middletown): A 2014 Spartan Metro Star / Marion 1500/1000/20A/20B Demo pumper is now in service as Engine 32.
South Killingly: A GMC Sierra / Utility vehicle is now in service as an EMS vehicle.  Danielson Fire and South Killingly did a joint purchase.
South Windsor: Engine 4 2014 Sutphen 1500/750/60F 
Southbury: Southbury Ambulance recently placed a 2014 GMC/Lifeline in service 
Southington: Southington ordered a Sutphen pumper which will be identical to the current Sutphen they ordered a few years ago.  
Stonington Borough: Stonington Borough Fire is in the planning / spec stage of a new pumper. 
Stratford: 2015 Chevy Suburban assigned to Car 3
Stratford: 2015 Seagrave 95' Aerial Scope to replace the current Pierce aerial is on order. Expected delivery is late Spring.
Stratford: A new fireboat has been delivered to the SFD.
Taftville (Norwich): The dive team purchased Mystics 1990 International / Marion Walk In as the new dive truck.  
Thomaston: A new Smeal Rescue Pumper is on order and should be delivered later this year. 
Thompsonville (Enfield): The new Thompsonville Fire Station should be completed later this year. 
Torrington: Torrington Fire replaced their ladder truck with a 2013 Rosenbauer 109' RMA Quint,
Union: Union Fire purchased Willington Fire former ambulance which is a 2006 Freightliner / Lifeline.  It is undergoing a refurbishment and will become Union's rescue truck. 
Wallingford: Construction on a new fire station 7 should begin this year.  Also, the rest of the funds for a new training tower / facility should be applied in the next budget.  I believe the hope is also to replace Engine 2 with a twin pumper to Engine 1, however nothing has been approved to date. 
Watertown: A Smeal Tower was ordered with delivery expected later this year. 
Water Witch (New Milford): 2014 Spartan / Marion 1500/750 pumper truck is now in service.  
West Haven (Allingtown): The current E-One tower is for sale and a new Quint is being spec'd out.  I do not believe anything has been ordered. 
Westfield (Middletown): 2015 Spartan / Rescue 1 Walk Around Heavy Rescue. Expected delivery is early summer.
Wethersfield: 2014 Sutphen 75' Quint is in service, designated as Truck 22.
Wequetequock Fire (Stonington): A new KME pumper is now in service 
Williamsville / Rogers Fire (Killingly): Recently purchased and placed into service a 1997 E-One Cyclone 1500/1000 as ET-260.  This apparatus previously served Dayville Fire in town as ET-163. 
Willington: Ambulance 513 is now assigned a 2015 Ford F-550 / Lifeline 4x4.  This ambulance replaces a 2006 Freightliner / Lifeline which has been sold to the Union, Ct Fire Department.
Willington: Funds are approved for a new engine tanker.  A manufacturer should be selected and a contract signed in the next couple of months.  This will replace the 1981 American LaFrance that previously served Willington Hill.
Willington: A 2014 Ford F-350 Pick-Up was placed into service as Service 213.
Willington: ET-113, a 1990 International / Darley 1500/2000 was refurbished by Gowans Knight in 2014.
Willington Hill (Willington): The Mack / Marion rescue just under went a refurbishment.
Wilton: Engine 4 is a 2014 Spartan/Marion 1500/2500
Wilton: Funds have been approved for a new engine, but I do not believe an order was placed.
Windsor Locks: Windsor Locks Seagrave refurbished Aerial Scope is back in service.  Looking forward to photographing the piece.
Woodbridge: Woodbridge Fire has a new engine on order with a strong possibility an aerial maybe ordered in the near future.
Woodbury: Woodbury EMS is now operating in its own station. 
Woodbury: Woodbury Fire has a new command vehicle and a new brush truck is in the spec / planning stages.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Westchester County, NY Parades for 2015

2015 Schedule


Sat. April 25     Pound Ridge      6 PM            Inspection
Fri. May 8         Bedford Hills     5:30 PM     Inspection
Fri. May 29       Pleasantville      7PM             Parade
Wed. June 3     Katonah               7 PM            Parade
Sat. June 6        Pine Plains         3 PM            Parade
Sat. June 6        Montrose            6 PM            Parade
Sat. July 25       Stuyvesant          TBA             Columbia County Conv. Parade
Sat. Aug 8          Pawling                TBA            Dutchess County  Conv. Parade
Sat. Sept 19       Buchanan            2 PM           Westchester County Conv. Parade
Sat. Oct 3           Hopatcong NJ    TBA             Parade      

CT Parades for 2015 Updated

2015 Parade Dates

Date Location Day Time Rain Date
May 16 Collinsville Saturday 6:00 PM  
June 13 Beacon Hose Saturday 6:00 PM  
July 11 Windsor Locks Saturday 6:00 PM  
July 11 Tunxis Hose Saturday 6:00 PM  
July 25 North Haven Saturday 6:00 PM  
August 1 Thomaston Saturday 6:00 PM  
August 21 Bridgewater Friday 6:45 PM  
August 22 Winsted Saturday 5:00 PM  
September 5 Ellington Saturday 5:15 PM  
September 20 Convention (Beacon Falls) Sunday 12:00 PM  
September 26 West Redding Saturday 6:00 PM  

Monday, January 26, 2015

CT Parades for 2015

So far, these are the parades for 2015 (From the CT Parade Marshals website). Please note, this is an unfinished list and is subject to change.

2015 Parade Dates
Date Location Day Time Rain Date
June 13 Beacon Hose Saturday 6:00 PM  
July 11 Tunxis Hose Saturday 6:00 PM  
July 25 North Haven Saturday 6:00 PM  
August 1 Thomaston Saturday 6:00 PM  
August 22 Winsted Saturday 5:00 PM  
September 5 Ellington Saturday 5:15 PM  
September 20 Convention (Beacon Falls) Sunday 12:00 PM  
September 26 West Redding Saturday 6:00 PM